Good things happen when people have access to the internet

Kids learn of places and people far beyond their hometowns.

Health professionals find better ways to care for their patients.

Families can stay connected across mountains, borders, and oceans.

And so much more.

We believe that the world should be connected, no matter where someone lives

Viasat has spent over 30 years finding better ways for people to access the internet in every corner of the globe – and we’re not done yet.

Currently, we have 50,000 active Wi-Fi hotspots in the Americas. By the end of 2018, we’re projected to have 250,000. That number will only continue to grow – as well as the people we connect – through partnerships with communities, local companies, and local governments. With our strategic partner, Telebras, we plan on connecting millions of Brazilians from every corner of the country.

Everyone deserves access to the world. Together, we can make that happen.

Our impact

Providing connections in rural Mexico:

  • Connected more than 400 rural communities without internet access to high-speed satellite internet
  • To date, have provided internet service to support the Wi-Fi needs of more than 100,000 people
  • Created new opportunities for businesses, health clinics, school children and families

See our efforts in Mexico in action

Government partnerships:


In 2012, Viasat was selected by the Australian Government Business Enterprise NBN Co to deliver ground-based communications, network management, and data processing systems for the Long Term Satellite System across Australia. NBN Co’s mission is to implement the Australian government’s policy initiative to design, build, and operate a National Broadband Network to provide access to high-speed broadband for all Australian homes and businesses.

Viasat has successfully delivered ground systems and satellite terminals across Australia over the last six years and continues to work with NBN Co to make broadband across Australia a reality.


Viasat and the European Space Agency are partnering together to develop key components of the ViaSat-3 satellite communications system with European industry. The Public Private Partnership, Project AIDAN, will focus on developing:

  • Fixed and mobile user terminals for residential Wi-Fi, in-flight Wi-Fi, and connected car applications
  • Ground segment equipment and gateways, including subsystems for a cloud-based ground network infrastructure

Project Aidan will bring broadband to millions of consumers across Europe who currently lack adequate internet service.

Investing in Brazil:

  • Partnering with Telebras will provide internet through Internet for All, GESAC, and other initiatives
  • Collaborating with local installers, retailers, and shopkeepers
  • Working to create thousands of local jobs across Brazil

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